How it all began:
Free 2 Be Fit began as a vision of a local fitness program for people of all ages in a variety of formats. The
only successful exercise program is one that you enjoy - we believe that exercise should be
fun, linking a
good workout to
friendship and healthy living.

What we do:
We offer a variety of fitness classes including Zumba, aerobic dance/strengthening classes, Pilates
classes, and body conditioning classes, all taught by certified and experienced instructors.  Each
instructor has a unique personality, just like each of our participants.  We don't try to make our instructors
fit into molds, but we do expect them to have knowledge of basic anatomy, exercise instruction, CPR, and
first aid.

What makes our classes different:
Have you ever been to a group exercise class where you quickly became tired of the same boring
repetitive techno. remakes that totally ruin your favorite songs?  You won't find that in our classes.  Ever
been to a class that was so complicated that you felt like a total idiot, had no fun, and thought you were
going to die?  You don't need to feel that way to get a good workout!  Physical fitness doesn't have to come
with damage to self esteem.

What our customers are like:  
Our customers are average people just like our instructors, ranging from teens to seniors.  We see
students, stay at home moms, working folks, and retirees walk through our doors.  We even have several
mom and daughter pairs that attend classes.  Chances are quite high that there is at least one person we
see who is a lot like you!

Some helpful information to know before attending a class:
We exercise on a carpeted floor.  Wear appropriate aerobic or cross training shoes with good cushioning.  
You may wear whatever you are most comfortable wearing.  We have restroom facilities, weights, balance
balls, mats, and resistance tubes.  The room is heated and cooled.  We have supplemental fans for
Free 2 Be Fit
Free 2 Be Fit
301 W. Green Meadows
Columbia MO  65203
An Introduction to Free 2 Be Fit